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Earth Policy Institut  ger med jämna mellanrum ut uppdateringar till Plan B.

De kallas Data highlights eller Plan B Updates.


Detta är de senaste




Overseas Development Council: Excerpt from Breaking New Ground

(12 november 2014)


Plastic Bags Fact Sheet

(16 oktober 2014)


Plastic Bag Bans or Fees Cover 49 Million Americans

(1 oktober 2014)



(24 september)


Fossil Fuel Development in the Arctic is a Bad Investment

(17 september)


Geothermal Power Approaches 12,000 Megawatts Worldwide

(27 augusti 2014)


Generation Gap: Wind Opens Big Lead over Nuclear in China

(4 mars 2014)


Grain Harvest Fact Sheet

(19 augusti)



(12 augusti)


Water Resources Fact Sheet

(30 juli 2014)


Population Fact Sheet

(16 juli 2014)



(9 juli 2014)


China’s Solar Panel Production to Double by 2017

(8 juli 2014)


Climate Change Fact Sheet

(2 juli 2014)


The Swinging Pendulum of Population Policy in Iran

(25 juni 2014)


China Leads World to Solar Power Record in 2013

(18 juni 2014)


Wind Power Fact Sheet

(4 juni 2014)


Denmark, Portugal, and Spain Leading the World in Wind Power

(27 maj 2014)


Bicycle Share Fact Sheet

(14 maj 2014)


The Downfall of the Plastic Bag: A Global Picture

(1 maj 2014)


Plastic Bag Bans Spreading in the United States

(22 april 2014)


World Wind Power Poised to Bounce Back after Slowing in 2013

(10 april 214)



(4 april 2014)


Fisheries and Aquaculture Fact Sheet

(27 mars 2014)


Can We Prevent A Food Breakdown?

(12 mars 2014)


Generation Gap: Wind Opens Big Lead over Nuclear in China

(4 mars 2014)


Can the World Feed China?

(25 februari 2014)


U.S.-India: Dealing With Monsoon Failure

(Utdrag ur Lester Browns just utkomna memoarer)


2013 Marked the Thirty-seventh Consecutive Year of Above-Average Temperature  (4 februari 2014)


Arctic Sea Ice Freefall is Mirror Image of Carbon Dioxide Ascent

(23 januari 2014)


Many Countries Reaching Diminishing Returns in Fertilizer Use

(8 januari 2014)


As Sea Ice Shrinks, Arctic Shipping Options Expand

(19 december 2013)


Less Than 3 Percent of Oceans in Marine Parks Despite Recent Growth

(11 december 2013)


India's Dangerous 'Food Bubble'

(4 december 2013)


Climate Change Driving Weather off the Charts

(18 november 2013)


2013 to be Record Year for Offshore Wind

(30 oktober 2013)


U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Down 11 Percent Since 2007

(2 oktober 2013)


U.S. Nuclear Power in Decline

(10 september 2013)


U.S. Bike-Sharing Fleet More than Doubles in 2013

(28 augusti 2013)


World Solar Power Topped 100,000 Megawatts in 2012

(31 juli 2013)


Fossil Fuel Use Pushes Carbon Dioxide Emissions into Dangerous Territory  (23 juli 2013)


Peak Water: What Happens When the Wells Go Dry? (9 juli 2913)


Farmed Fish Production Overtakes Beef  (13 juni 2013) 


China’s Growing Hunger for Meat Shown by Move to Buy Smithfield, World’s Leading Pork Producer (6 juni 2013)


Dozens of U.S. Cities Board the Bike-Sharing Bandwagon
(14 maj 2013)


Bike-Sharing Programs Hit the Streets in Over 500 Cities Worldwide  (25 april 2013)


After Record 2012, World Wind Power Set to Top 300,000 Megawatts in 2013  (2 april 2013)


Falling Gasoline Use Means United States Can Just Say No to New Pipelines and Food-to-Fuel  (28 mars 2013)


Earth Policy Institute Reaching Out  (20 mars 2013)


Iowa and South Dakota Approach 25 Percent Electricity from Wind in 2012: Unprecedented Contribution of Wind Power in U.S. Midwest

(14 mars 2013)


Where has all the ice gone? (7 mars 2013)


The Energy Game is Rigged: Fossil Fuel Subsidies Topped $620 Billion in 2011  (27 februari 2013)


Wind Surpasses Nuclear in China  (19 februari 2013)


Warmest Decade on Record Brings Record Temperatures and Weather Extremes  (13 februari 2013)


New Era of Food Scarcity Echoes Collapsed Civilizations  
(7 februari 2013)


Overfishing Threatens Critical Link in the Food Chain

(30 januari 2013)


Global Grain Stocks Drop Dangerously Low as 2012 Consumption Exceeded Production  (17 januari 2013) 



China’s Rising Soybean Consumption Reshaping Western Agriculture

(8 januari 2013)


Expanding Dust Bowls Worsening Food Prospects in China and Africa

(20 december 2012)



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